How to Remove Vomit From Clothes & Comforters

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Remove vomit from clothes and comforters by removing excess debris, scrubbing with a bristle brush, soaking the area with stain remover and then washing the garment. Dry clean comforters that have special instructions on the tag using information from... View Video Transcript

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Your child's been sick and unfortunately there was an accident and there is vomit on their clothing, their pajamas. I'm Cyn Deer, I'm with 3's Company Too and I'm going to show you how to remove the vomit off of your clothing or if they are in bed off of their comforter. The first thing you are going to do, obviously, is to removed the lovely chunks that are generally there to begin with, getting as much of the debris off as possible. If it's dried in already, you are going to use a bristle brush to pull it off, this was fresh so you just get to wipe if off. You will then get a stain remover and you will soak the area well, trying to rub it off as much as you can. Then you are going to wash the garment as directed on the tag. If it's your comforter, you again will want to read what the tag says. If you have to dry clean it, unfortunately a lot of those have to be, or you would just throw it in the laundry as directed on the piece of garment or as on the comforter. You will have a good time getting it off and then you get to go back and take care of Johnny. I'm Cyn Deer, this was how to clean vomit off of your clothing or your upholstery. Have a great day and hopefully it's vomit free.