How to Organize & Clean a Desk

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All right so now I am going to walk you through the actual organization steps. So lets just take a look at this desk as you have seen, as you see, I have cleaned the desk, as you see I have cleaned everything off the desk except for the laptop and the printer and the reason why you want to clean everything off the desk is because you really want to start with a clean slate. I also find that its very effective that once, when someone sees how clean the desk is, they really start to become more selective in terms of what they actually want to have on the desk and that will help you make the decision of what to keep and what to throw away or what to store elsewhere. It will definitely help you make those decisions later on and the reason why we are leaving the equipment up on the desk top is because where your lap top need to be positioned and where your equipment need to be positioned really are limited to what the position of the outlets are and also where you will actually be using the item. For example the lap top will obviously have to be in the center just for easy usage and the printer, you want to think about how you are retrieving the papers and how you are retrieving the documents that are being printed and how are you loading the paper and for a right handed person this is a more ideal position and also since its a bulky equipment you really want to just keep it more in the corner so it leaves you more immediate work space.