Carpet Cleaning Machine Set-up

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DAVID GREEN: Hi, my name is David Green with Customers Choice. We're here with, and as they're finishing up the setup for the carpet cleaning, we'll talk about getting the settings going and just get this machine fired up. With carpet cleaning, different people have preferences on pressure. One of the things when you have a powerful equipment like this that has the vacuum that's powerful enough, in fact, to pull water deep out of carpet, allows us to use a little bit more pressure as well. We can put more water into the carpet, clean deeper into the carpet, and still pull that water back out. So we'll set the setting about 450 psi, which is pounds per square inch. The first setup, or the first step would be--we want to make sure we've got water, we've got water filling it up. We'll set our heat; we'll get ready to start it. After we start it, we'll turn our--to the right setting for--like I said before, this has the capacity to do two wands at the same time. We're going to do single one, there's upholstery wand setting, and we're going to set up our pressure as well, which is right here. So it'll be a little bit loud but I'll get it started up.