How to Set Window Cleaning Tool Belts

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Hey everybody, Tanner Falcon from Danny Tanners Window Washing with Right now I want to give you a little hint on how to set your gear onto your waist. It's pretty basic but you want to be able to be comfortable and safe at the same time. You start out before you're even on your ladder and you make sure pouch on left -always remember, pouch on left or squeegee on right. But it depends if you're left handed, you always wash with your strong hand. So I got my washer and my squeegee on my strong hand, I'm right handed. So I can go right to here and I can come right to here. Clip it up, loosen it or tighten it. It depends what you want, if you want to hang it off your hips that's a little more loose, I like that, I like how that feels. We move over here, we got our pouch on our left; blade, squeegee, mini squeegee. See, you're not going to have to go. They key part if about having your holster right here is that I'm looking for time so I want to be able to go boom, down, boom. I want as quick as I can because that window is drying, you're on a ladder, and you want to get done as fast as you can. Over here, when you're working with the French windows, it's not going to be so fast you can take your time a little more, do the transfer. One transfer from left to right. Same with the blade, you want to be careful and take your time with the blade anyway. You want to take it out, take your time to exchange the hands and bring it back down into the thing. Back here, I've got my very last holster. Now, I don't condone talking cell phones while you're on the ladder but if you need to have your I-pod in or your blue tooth on while you're on here you can put your cell phone back there. You can easy access also when you're on a lower part of the ladder, you move down the ladder, answer the phone call then you can do that. That basically sums that up. I want to also tell you how important it is to keep everything organized around your house with your windows. It got a little messy around here right now so I want to grab everything and I want to move it into one spot. That's why I have my window washing crate over here. As you can see it's all just going to go right into here. You can organize it however you may. Basically, you just want to have it all in one bundle. So you want to keep everything clean and keep your belt and everything in one order and that just shows you how easy it is to keep everything together all in one hand. Next, I want to talk about projecting your window job.