How to Categorize Files Properly

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Alright, so after you've sorted your files and you've tossed out the ones you don't want and separated the ones you do want to keep into temporary files, you are ready to assign homes for those files. And sometimes you have items that you're not sure where you want them to go yet. You can actually create a file called "not sure where to put these files" and decide on them later. Sometimes giving yourself a little time will help you make a decision on the paperwork and sometimes you realize you don't really need them and you can just toss them out. And for the ones you do decide to keep, now let's assign a home. For some of them you already have a home for it. For example, you might already have a file for "paid bills" and then you can just go ahead and just integrate and gather and put into a temporary file into the file that's already in your cabinet. If not, it's time to create a home for these files. And I want to walk you through, a simple of way of categorizing your files. It's a very simple principle that can be applied to any organizing, and again that principle is like with like. For example, you might have files, you might paperwork for bank statements or credit card statements and or CD account statements and these paperworks are essentially the same category, they are all financial papers. So you want to keep all your financial papers in the same place. The same goes for the other categories, insurance papers and vehicle documentation, essential fall under household information and that's how you can categorize your paperwork. Once you've decided on your categories, then you can even assign color coding if you like. And again it's to your liking. Think through a little bit before you make a permanent position because it's going to be the system you're going to be using for years. Again, when comes to color coding, it's all a personal choice.