How to Organize the Electrical Cords of your Electronic Equipment

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Learn how to organize the electrical cords of your electronic equipment in this free video on home organization. View Video Transcript

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Ok, if you often find yourself on your hands and knees trying to figure out “is this the plug I need to pull out? Is this the plug I need to pull out?” there’s a really easy solution. What we’re going to do is just take a label maker like this one that I have here and just print out a couple of labels. That way you can stick your labels on- hopefully this is the one for the lamp- you can stick your labels on the wire and you’ll always know the one to unplug. Alright, so as you can see, I labeled these with clear labels on both sides- phone, lamp. That way when I plug it in, I’ll never have to wonder if I’m pulling out the right plug to move my phone or my lamp to another room. And remember to never overload your surge protectors. Now when you’re investing in really expensive electronic equipment, like a computer or a home entertainment system, getting a surge protector that’s meant for that is really helpful. Not only that, but these actually have labels right on them. It says VCR, DVD player, cable/satellite. And these are available at your local home electronic store.