How to Wind a Vacuum Cleaner Cord

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Hi. This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village talking to you about vacuums. What I want to talk to you about now with vacuums is the cord. Many vacuums have specific length cords. Some of them are shorter than others. One thing you might want to consider when you are actually looking at a vacuum is the cord length. This one has a little bit longer cord. What that is going to allow you to do is actually stop having to shut the machine off, move it, and go plug it back in. This will actually...with this length of a cord (it's actually about twenty feet), you'll actually be able to hit a couple of rooms and make your vacuuming time shortened by preventing you from having to stop and plug it in all the time. And what I also want to talk to you about is the proper way to roll up a cord now, which is going to extend your cord life. I've seen people roll up cords in a variety of fashions, most of them usually wrong. You'll see people take the end of the cord in thier hand and t hen they'll actually wrap it around like this. That's not the proper way to do it because what is going to happen as you can see when you wind it up sometimes it will pinch and bind. The other way that I've seen is people like to lasso. They'll do it like this. What you do is any kinks that are in the cord, you are going to be pushing them towards the end of the vacuum anyway. So what you want to do is the part that plugs into the wall, that is going to go on last. Some vacuums have retractable cords where you push a button and it pulls the cord in. Most of them are manual, so you are going to have to adjust it yourself. On this particular one, on the handle, you've got two clasps here that the cord goes around. That's the proper way to do it. Starting at the bottom and working your way up towards the top. Just follow it all up and down, up and down. Any kinks that are in here are going to work themselves up towards the end of the cord and they are going to automatically come out. That way we avoid any kinks in the cord, it doesn't get twisted around. And that's actually going to save the life of the cord, make it last a lot longer and make it be more efficient for you.