How to Remove Urine Stains From Clothing & Comforters

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To remove urine stains from clothing and comforters, put stain remover on the fabric, let it soak in and then launder it as normal. Repeat the stain removal process if urine stains do not come out immediately with advice from the owner of a cleaning... View Video Transcript

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Poor little Johnny wet his bed again and also his clothing got wet. I'm Cyn Deer . I'm with 3's Company Too and I'm going to show you how to remove the urine from the clothing. The first thing you want to do is you are going to get your stain remover, any typical brand works, you would put it onto your clothing, let it soak in, I would give it a good half hour to let it soak in and then you are going to wash just as if you were throwing it into the laundry to get the odor and the stain out. Use the stain remover and then wash as general. If it does not come out the first time after the wash you would do it again, you would pre-stain, using your stain remover let it soak in, before you dry it. If you dry it, then it sets the stain in and it will be harder to remove. So you want to use your stain remover and then wash as directed on the tag of the garment. Then it should be nice and clean for you. Then Johnny can have his nice clean pajamas back. This was how to remove urine from your clothing. I'm Cyn Deer and hopefully you will have a great day.