How to Get Rid of Unused Clothes

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Watch as a professional organizer -- a former project manager on TLC's "Clean Sweep" -- explains how to get rid of unused clothes in this free online video about home organization. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Pete D'Alessandro this is Expert Village. I want to show you now what you can do with your clothes because if you don't have a luxury of having an organizer with you, I can show you how to get rid of some stuff you don't know if you need or kind of like it or maybe I can fit into that some day. We're going to go through with that right now. One of the things you can do with your hangers is a great trick is just this. Flip them around when you go to wear an object wear an item of clothing turn the hanger back around. If you do this with all your clothes, turn them all the wrong way and when you actually wear them, turn them back the right way. After a few months you're going to see what you actually you wear and don't bother wearing at all and what you don't bother trying on. So after that you can configure out what you really need and what you really don't because if it hasn't been used in months, what you really hang on. It's a great way to help you get rid of some stuff. Another trick you can do with your hangers another great little thing get everything to match if you can spend a couple of bucks at IKEA, Target or something get all your matching hangers. Get one set, get rid of the rest just get all these things to match and it would look so much neater, so much cleaner. The hangers won't get tangles by themselves. Buy the nice wooden ones that your clothes will slide on or get rest on properly, it preserves the shape better and just keeps it looking nicer.