Moving Supplies Needed

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So you are going to need to collect a lot of supplies for your move, and probably the biggest thing that everybody thinks about is boxes. So you'll need to be collecting boxes and there's several different ways to get boxes where you don't have to buy them. Which I've started looking a couple of weeks ago about, maybe about three or four weeks before my move is scheduled, and I started looking online for people locally who are giving away their boxes. And I found, I think I picked up 25 or 30 boxes from somebody who had just recently moved and they're essentially brand new boxes that they just used once. I also got some boxes from some friends and from some family members. So because I was able to find those elsewhere, then I am saving several hundred dollars because I'm not going to have to buy any boxes, or I'll just have to buy a few. You'll also, some other things that you might need, are some tape, well you'll definitely need tape, but you might need some rope for moving day. You'll need some markers to mark your boxes and I like to get waterproof markers, felt tip markers, and I like to have a black one and a different colored, I have a blue one, you might want red, whatever, to mark what's actually in the boxes. You'll also might want to get some plastic bags of different sizes to pack smaller things in, and also, we talked about having the file folder for your receipts. And all these supplies are again, they're things that you're going to want to keep your receipts for.