Cleaning a Car for Early Moving & Packing

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Cleaning a car provides maximum space for moving. Learn when to start cleaning a car for moving with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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Another thing that's good to start thinking about, about a week out is getting your car clean so that you have maximum space to be able to transfer things to your new place. So I have some boxes that I've picked up from a friend that I'm going to go ahead and take out and take in to my place. So I'll go ahead and get those out and just start taking out the trash. Those are several things that I either need to take to Goodwill or take inside the house. So I'm going to do that and then also just start. Come out with a trash bag and start getting rid of trash that has collected in your car and taking things inside and putting them back away, or packing them in a place so that you don't have a lot of random things going over to your new place. That will just make your move a lot easier. So that's a good time to start thinking about cleaning out your car, is about a week before so it doesn't catch you by surprise the day of.