Packing a Kitchen: Using Food Items

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Use up items that are in the freezer before packing a kitchen. Learn about depleting other items before packing a kitchen with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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The kitchen is another place where you want to really think about depleting and using what you already have. So, a good place to look for that is the freezer. Because that's a place where you are storing things that you are not going to use for awhile. And, so, for instance in my freezer, I'm going to want to use up these peas. Going to be having peas for dinners in the next couple of weeks. And anything else in here that I can go ahead and use up so that I don't have to move it. One reason for that is obviously just so that I don't have to move the bulk. And another reason is because moving things that need to stay cold any kind of perishable item, is obviously there's a little bit of a complication in moving that because it needs to stay cold. So, but the same goes for dry goods and for canned goods. If something is expired, get rid of it. If something is good then go ahead and eat it. You know, try not to buy buy anything if you can go two weeks. If you only have three more servings of rice, if you can go two weeks without buying rice, it's going to make your move a little bit easier.