Deciding What Belongs in a Closet

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Watch as a professional organizer -- a former project manager on TLC's "Clean Sweep" -- explains how to decide what belongs in a closet in this free online video about home organization. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Pete D'Alessandro this is Expert Village. Next I want to separate what we've taken out of the closet and come through our bedroom area. We have this huge pile of stuff where does it go, what belongs, what doesn't. Well we know certain things belong in the bedroom, bed stuff, clothes that is really about it clothes and shoes. Stuff like this technical equipment that we use for work has no space in our bedroom. This stuff belongs in an office even if you have to share the room. You have to have a designated area for your bedroom because if you start to spill over from one to the other you will never actually be organized. We also have these vehicle ID cards and that is really not a bedroom thing. This isn't something we want in our bedroom, this is not positive romantic impact in the bedroom. So let's get rid of it this stuff doesn't belong it doesn't have a space we can't have that spill over we have to choose between our office life, our bedroom life. All of this has to have it's own place and you can't allow a spill over so let's start now. This is the stuff that doesn't belong in the bedroom it's paperwork and picture frames, electronics, technical little stuff this does not have any place in our bedroom. You have to be strict with yourself just to keep it out, keep it away because it's not going to help you relax at night. It's not going to be the haven from the outside world but it's suppose to be.