How to Clean Knives

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To clean knives, use hot soapy water, rinse, then thoroughly dry to prevent rusting. Learn to clean knives in this free video from a professional home organizer about cleaning kitchens. View Video Transcript

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Hey, this is Ann Myrick, and today, I'm going to show you how to clean knives. What you want to do is fill your sink up with hot soapy water. But one thing you want to do is since you're dealing with knives that are very sharp you want to be sure that within the suds and the soap that you can, as you go down to grab your knife you're careful with the blades. So you'll, you take one of the knives out, and I have a little scrubber sponge that I would use, and you want to be careful with your blade, but you just want to go down and clean really well. This one has a little bit of rust on it so you want to just clean it, and then, with hot water... And with your knives, you want to be sure that you dry them very well, because if you don't dry them the water can bead up around the handle and the blade, and rust. Same thing with the smaller. You just, again, be very careful; hot water and drying them. This is Ann Myrick, and I have just showed you how to clean knives.