Hard Wood Floor Care

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Caring for hard wood floors is something people debate on a lot. First of all, you want to sweep a lot. You want to use a broom that has bristles that are frayed at the end so that way you don’t have to mess with scratching the ground, scratching the floor. Second thing is, is that you can use a dust mop and that’s going to be able to get up all the dust and it’s got a static to it so that it will pick the dust up and not leave it back on the floor whereas a broom might do that. Third thing is damp moping, and this is where the debating comes in. People say that you should not get your hard wood floor wet. If your hardwood floor is finished properly, and you will be able to look at it and tell, then you will be able to mop it with water, damply, and then dry up the water pretty quickly. If you do have problems with finish then you want to re-finish your hardwood floor just for day to day use but also to keep it clean correctly.