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Watch as a professional organizer -- a former project manager on TLC's "Clean Sweep" -- explains how to use closets for storage in this free online video about home organization. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Pete D'Alessandro and this is Expert Village. I want to show you know what we're going to do with the closet empty and we have the room kind of clear. So we're going to start to reload by what we need most. One of the things I found in the bottom of the closet was this shoe rack not begin used as a shoe rack. It was holding socks, underwear, clothes everything but shoes. It's not big enough for the amount of shoes we have but we'll still put it in the bottom of the closet. Somewhere back here we'll probably tuck it back a bit to make room for other stuff but it will hold the deeper stuff we need winter, dress shoes and stuff we don't wear all the time. But it will still be there and it will be somewhat convenient to get it. One of the things we need to do in this closet is get a little drawer space because there is not a lot of room in this bedroom at all for storage of drawers or dressers anything like that. So we found this guy and this would be good enough to hold the socks, underwear, t-shirts 3 simple drawers. It's not a lot of space but it's much better than having something sitting on the floor.