How to Organize a Toolbox

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Organizing a toolbox is best done by separating the tools by type and function, keeping similar tools together in each of the drawers to better keep track of everything. Keep a toolbox organized for more efficient use with advice from a classic car... View Video Transcript

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Alright today we are going to talk a little bit about your toolbox and organizing your toolbox. This is my personal toolbox. I have had it for a few years. I have had my tool collection for many many years but no matter big or small it is nice to have your toolbox organized. Some of the reasons for that is 1) you can find a tool when you need it and that way you can keep the tools safe by having them organized if a tool is missing you will know it right away too. So to give you a few items here. I've got pliers in this particular drawer. I have got some specialty items here as well. There again these are a lot of items that you might not normally see in a toolbox but I do a lot of work on high performance stuff so I've got a few extra tools. Sockets, I've got my sockets organized. This is all three eighths drive. I've got metric on one side, English on the other. What I like to do is I like to have my sockets on small racks. I can carry them over to the area where I am working if I know I am working on an English part I'll take English type sockets. I've got one half inch drive and I've got them set up the same way. I've got the sockets on racks. I've got the English on one side and metric on another side. The same with your hand tools. I've got my English tools. This is all English. I've got a few different varieties of tools. Here is your standard combination, boxed end, open end. It's kind of nice, I've got a double set. You never know when you are going to need more than one so the most common ones I have got a pair of them. Kind of a luxury item is the stubby wrenches for getting into tight spots. I have got the metric tools the same way. I've got a couple different sets of combination wrenches. They're nice and you never know when you are going to need more than one of the same size when you are working on a project. Screwdrivers, we've got a variety of screwdrivers. It is always nice to have a bunch of different sizes. One item that is kind of neat that I have used recently, I have got some crocheting needles. They are very nice for fishing wires. You can reach in and grab a wire with one and pull it out so you don't necessarily need to have an automotive or mechanical tool. You can use whatever suits your needs best. I have got a selection of hammers. You need an assortment of hammers from large to small. I hope you have enjoyed the video here and I hope maybe you learned something and get out there and get yourself some tools and have fun working with your hands.