Spacing Japanese Boxwoods

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Spacing Japanese boxwood plants is important for their growth. Learn how to space Japanese boxwoods in this free gardening video clip. View Video Transcript

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Now, we're going to think about spacing. How far apart should we place these plants? How many plants do we need to buy? For a partier, space the plants less than a foot apart. For a larger hedge, space the plants one to two feet apart. Now, also think about what size of a container, how big of a plant are you starting out with? For a fifteen gallon container, you can space those plants, perhaps, up to three feet apart. Give it some thought, think about the spacing. Measure the length of the area that you need to cover with Japanese Boxwood, then decide on your spacing. Divide the length by the spacing and you will determine how many plants you need to buy. In this case, the owner has decided to place six Boxwood along each side of this path, so we can easily just go and take the plants and evenly space them apart. We can use the ruler to be sure that they're evenly space. Perfect.