Separating Light & Dark Clothes for Closet Organization

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So after you purge, you do with like with like, so we put all tank tops together. We put all short sleeves together, we put all long sleeves together. After that, you need to go through and color categorize. I go light to dark, left to right. For example, here are all the white shirts. We put any type of tube top has this certain hanger with these little clips, so that it stays nice and smooth and unwrinkled. Then this the tube tops go in front and then afterwards, we take any type of sleeved shirt goes next. We’re sorting by color. Things that should hang are more delicate items. If you have room to hang all your t-shirts, then by all means hang them all. This is a tank top so that should be hung because it’s very delicate and then we keep going. Now this is an item that is up for debate on weather it should go with black or white. I go with sleeves on this one. If the sleeve’s color is white but it has black on the shirt, you really want to put it on with white because the majority of the shirt really is white so that goes with white. Of course, this goes in the sleeve section before the tank tops and then the tank tops, this is a spaghetti strap. A spaghetti strap hanger has these little tiny hooks right here and remember one garment per hanger. Notice also, if you’re right handed you want to make it easy to pull out your garments with you right hand. I am facing all of the front of the garments towards the front. It should really look like a question mark here when you are setting up your organized closet. So this is a question mark, that’s how you can remember. So after white comes yellow of course and then we go into tan and grey, pink. If you have items like this and you’re not quite sure what to put it under, you just put it under the color that the majority of the shirt is made out of. That’s a pink item. So that’s how you set up your like with like and your closet is really going to run smoothly for you.