How to Use Containers for Space Saving Solutions

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So I am done with all my shopping and I put everything back into its containers and here are some examples of some fun color containers that you can pick up. They are great for family stuff for labels if you have different kids and stuff so that each kid can have a different color and I also chose to use clear containers for most of this bathroom that I did, because clear is you know a nice, elegant touch and it is something that is classic and you never going to get sick of. So this is a basic 18 inch drawer organizer and this is perfect for makeup, so what I have done is I have used every single bit of space in here efficiently without jam packing the drawers because it is really important not to over-stuff anything. So if you are finding that you still have too much to containerize then maybe you didn’t purge so much; it is never too late to go back and purge a few more items. So what I have done is I have separated by category and put them back into the container and I have mixed and matched my containers; this one along with this one, for big brushes, we have small brushes, we also have lip items and then also for all your eye makeup and then I always use every bit of space that I can, so these are just loose back here and then this is a nice little easy access to some more makeup.