Tips for Bedroom Organization

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Hi, my name is Pete D'Alessandro this is Expert Village. We basically finished organizing this bedroom. We have a nice neat place to live relax and work the one thing I want to is drive home if you are watching this is, you want to do this on your own. You have to start with a purpose of room that has to be the first thing in, you can't just clean up clutter and expect for it not to come back. You have to approach it from this is what I want to get done, this bed should be what. It should be a relaxing place for us to lay down at the end of the night all of the stress of the outside world, this is the one place even from our home is suppose to be relaxing, romantic. It should be personal, intimate as it can be so don't have it cluttered keep it neat, keep it clean. Your closet should be the same thing it's just part of your bedroom you can't just have anything in there, it should be clothes, stuff you need for the bedroom. That is it that is all your bedroom has room for everything else has to go somewhere else. If you approach organization in that way I think you are going to do way better on your own. One last tip I want to leave you with is in terms of decisions we have to make because that is what a lot of getting re-cluttered is think of it as packing. If you decide in advance what you have to bring with you on a trip, then you don't have to pack everything. You don't have to pack every pair of pants, every dress and every shirt you pack it all at once, that is not going to work as well. You're going to have a really heavy suitcase so if you can just stick to this stuff that you know you are really want to wear decide now and the work on it, then do the work. Make that plan just treat your whole room and your whole life every room in your house like that suitcase. Make the decisions of what you really want right now, what belongs here and then move on from there. My name is Pete D'Alessandro and I'm with Expert Village.