Removing Soap Scum From Porcelain Naturally

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A natural way to remove soap scum from porcelain is to create a baking soda and vinegar paste and apply it to the stained area using a toothbrush. Scrub away soap scum without harmful chemicals with a demonstration from a professional home cleaner in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to teach you about removing soap scum from porcelain naturally. If you have an older house and it comes with an older tub, it's probably made of porcelain and if you don't want to harm the porcelain, of course you want to use a more natural way of cleaning. Also, if you have pets or children you don't want to spray bleach on everything in your house. There are ways of getting around doing that. You can make a really nice scrub using baking soda and vinegar. What you want to do is mix these two ingredients until you get a nice thick paste like this. Now you can apply this paste with a sponge, I'm going to use a toothbrush because it's a little more abrasive. And what you want to do is just scoop out some of your scrub and apply it to the soap scum. The baking soda has a nice granulated feel to it and it's really going to scrub out that soap scum. This is a great alternative to using things like Soft Scrub or other harmful chemicals that contain bleach that are not good for your kinds, you have to wear gloves to clean with it. Try to find something else to clean with, that's the way I say. This is the way I put it. After you scrub this in really well, the way you're going to rinse it off and give it a really nice shine is use vinegar and water. I've put about a cup of vinegar in this quart of water. Spray the area and wipe it clean or just rinse it off, whichever you choose. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you remove soap scum from porcelain naturally.