How to Categorize your Belongings

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So now that I have showed you how to purge, it is time for the real work. So I got to take off my jacket and get my hands dirty. Make sure that you are wearing some clothes that are, you know relatively comfortable so that you can really get down on the floor and get under those cupboards and scrub things out and put things into piles, which we are going to be talking about next. So it is really important to categorize before you put things back because it allows us to assess how many items that we really have in each category and then we can go to the store and buy the appropriate space dividers and also container for what we love and own now. So let us take a look inside this drawer and I will show you how to categorize in a quick, easy method that is going to get you rolling. Although this drawer looks miscellaneous, we know that we are going to keep everything, so what we can do is just pull things out according to category, I see hair products, I am just going to set them neatly onto a workspace, which is the counter right now or you can also do this on the floor. So I am pulling out hair items, placing them together, this is a board category. You know anything that goes in your hair can be a hair item also, including products, nail polish and these are toiletry items, like razor blades, Q-Tips, things that you take when you travel or use daily for hygiene. Here are some more hair products so I just add that to my hair pile and you will notice that your pile will grow as you get into more areas. Now flush and then I will see some extra trash that I did not pick the first time; that is no problem, we will just pick it up and throw it away. There, here you have it. That is how you do one drawer and we will clean that later.