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Home office organization requires finding functional spaces for things. Buy items that multiple purposes, find a place to keep bills, and keep cabinets organized. Reduce stress in a home office by organizing belongings with advice from a professional... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to to give you some home office organization tips. You always want your office to look nice, and most importantly, you want to be able to find things that you need, especially for an office in your home. This is probably where you keep bills and things like this so be as organized as possible. Be realistic. Husbands and wives, talk to each other. Figure out who's the one that's good at organizing and let them do it. In my house, I know that I'm better at organizing things like this. My husband is better at organizing tools. So whoever would do the job best, let them do it and then give everybody else the rundown so that people know where things are. So, don't do this. Don't find a container and just throw stuff in it. You're never going to find anything. There's no organization. There's pens and markers right here. Well, that's the whole reason you bought this lamp with the pen holders on it. That's also an excellent thing to have is a multi-functional single item. It's a lamp and it'll house your pans so that's awesome. This, a makeup bag, that would need to go upstairs, you know, make sure everybody keeps up with their belongings and now you have an empty container. This would be perfect for throwing your bills in there, you know, and voila! You have a place to keep your bills. Another thing, if you have cabinets and things like this, don't take that as an excuse to just get things out of sight and out of mind, make sure they're organized also. As long as you know where to find things at, your office is going to be a lot less stressful. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and those are some home office organization tips.