Packing Kitchen Decorations

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Any kitchen decoration can be packed early. Learn what decorations can be packed from a kitchen with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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So just like we've done in other rooms. When you're thinking about what you can pack in your kitchen two weeks out you want to look at your decorations. So things that I talked about not wanting to pack, to pack pictures and that kind of thing. But things in my kitchen that I have up as decoration or things like this wooden spoon I can go ahead and pack that. Or this basket which isn't necessarily decoration. But it's kind of an accessory in a way. And I can go ahead and pack that and put my potatoes and what not in another place. I can also go ahead and pack all of my refrigerator art. Which what I like to do with that is if I'm going, if I don't want it anymore obviously to recycle it or throw it away. But with things like photographs and pictures that I do want to keep then I like to keep those in a file folder that I have, that I showed you at the beginning that was where I kept personal things like letters and pictures and that kind of thing. So I would go ahead and file those away so they don't get bent in the move. And this sort of thing. And any other decorations that you have. I have this curtain and although I did pack my shower curtain early this serves a utilitarian purpose at night being able to close it so I'm actually going to leave this up. It's an easy thing to take down. So it won’t be a problem to take down right before I move.