Pet Food Storage

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Pet food should be stored where you pet can't get to it but where it is still out of the way, the top of the refrigerator for example. Learn how to organize and store pet food in your home with expert tips in this free home organization video. View Video Transcript

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In a small kitchen, and especially one without a pantry, it can be difficult to find a place to keep your, your pets food and treats, so I have my cat's treats in this basket, which I keep on the top of the refrigerator with her, with her normal food. So I put those right up here, where I can reach them easily, but they're away from her, so she can't get into them obviously, and and they're not taking up the space that I've created for and need for for my food. And it's also away from my food. And obviously if I had a dog I could keep his or her food up there as well. And so again, the refrigerator is a great place, the top of the refrigerator is a great place to keep things that even though I use these a lot, they're, they're not things that, that make sense to have, you know mixed in with my food, or under the sink or in, in other places.