Supplies Needed for Organizing your Home

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Learn what supplies you'll need to begin organizing the bathroom of your home in this free video on home organization. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Katrina Cameron and I am the owner of Operation Organization, a professional organizing company and on behalf of Expert Village, I am going to be showing you how to organize a messy bathroom. So here I am in a messy bathroom and the first thing I need to do before I start my work is to have a few organizational tools, so I have them right here. You should probably have on hand some zip-lock bags to consolidate small items on the go, also some trash bags, because the main idea in clutter control is getting rid of things and we call that purging. You also need a few cleaning supplies like some gloves if things get messy, some cleaning solution and also a tape measure on hand and this will be great later on once we have categorized everything and we go back in and measure our spaces to get containers later. I always have Post-Its on hand to label boxes so that I can easily place things into them as I go along and then also a Sharpie. Then once I have got everything that I need out in front of me, I have got my boxes prepped and ready to start the organizing. I label one box, trash, which is obvious and then another box for bathroom organization should be labeled New Home. And what New Home means is that anything that is inside your bathroom that belongs in another room or that you want to give to a friend then you label it New Home and it goes in here. So there you have it. I am all prepped and ready to start this great organizational project, so let us get started.