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DAVID GREEN: Hi, my name is David Green. Our company is Customers Choice. We're located on the web, at We're here with and we're going to be talking about carpet cleaning and what it takes to provide a high-quality professional service, as well as what to look for in a professional service. We'll start off talking about equipment. Well, first off, even the vehicle, I know it's kinda dirty. We're in the middle of a cold winter here with lots of snow, as you can see in the background, but equipment, to me, is important to provide a positive image to customers and if you've got quality equipment and you provide a good presentation, that will be a representation of what type of work you do, at least in my opinion. I think a lot of customers have that feeling as well. So as far as the equipment, there's a huge difference in equipment, from the power of it and its ability to do a deeper, more thorough cleaning service. And what we kind of suggest as a bare minimum is that you have a machine that has a minimum of a 40 blower. So the blower is what creates the vacuum, which allows you to clean deeper in the carpet. This is actually a 57. Doesn't sound like that much bigger than a 40 but it's actually twice as powerful. This machine can have two technicians working on at the same time, and this is what creates the heat as well as the pressure to rinse the carpet and then to extract the carpet. Step around back, and you can see we've got our reels, vacuum reels, our pressure reels. This give us the fresh water, this is the pressurized water that rinses the carpet, and then of course we have our shelves that we keep our tools and chemicals. Some of them have already been taken our for the demonstration that we'll be doing today.