Shoe Racks & Dressers in Closets

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Watch as a professional organizer -- a former project manager on TLC's "Clean Sweep" -- explains how to use shoe racks and dressers in closets in this free online video about home organization. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Pete D'Alessandro this is Expert Village. By having this at this height, most of the clothes will still clear this. I won't have a problem, it won't drag to this but it's a nice little space. It looks a lot prettier that way instead of piles of stuff sitting in the closet. So another thing we're going to do for shoes in the closet cause there is a lot of hanging space and there is not a lot of floor space is one of these. It's really simple, really cheap canvas. It looks nice it comes in a bunch of different colors, very cheap and hangs like this on both hooks. One of the things I should warn is at this point it these shelves are not all the same they are not all created equal so be careful of how much weight you load onto these. A few of these brackets are key and keep the heavier stuff around the brackets but if you do need to reinforce it get some more it only cost a couple of dollars at Home Depot. Go out and spend the extra money and prevent the huge mess of having your closet collapsing so be gentle on the weight but look for stuff like this because it's going to save you the storage space.