Early Moving Donations Returns & Trash

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Donating items helps lighten the load during a move. Learn about donating items before a move with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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While I was putting things in boxes this week, I pulled things out that I knew I needed to, I wanted to give away or donate, or that I needed to return to somebody, or throw away, those kinds of things. The things that I wanted to throw away I've already thrown away. And I've already taken bags and bags of things to Goodwill or to another organization that I can donate things to. But these are just some other things that I need to take other places, don't tell my cat that I'm going to get rid of her scratching post, and I need to send this off, I need to return this, and these are some things I need to return to other people, I'm selling the ballerina. So things that I want to sell or that I'm donating, that I'm getting rid of, I've put in one area so that they don't get mixed up or lost in the things that I'm going to be moving. And it makes them easier to donate if they're all in one place, it makes the travel easier. And so that's something that you'll want to continue to keep in mind this week, is just pulling things out because the less stuff that you have to move, the better!