Using Carpet Sanitizer

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DAVID GREEN: Hi. My name is David Green with Before, we were agitating the carpet, we talked about products before. This is the sanitizer and, of course, an optimum service as well. With the sanitizer, you want to apply just a very even spray. It's not like the pre-treatment or we go heavier and lighter in some areas. This is a good thorough heavy spray but obviously you don't want to over-soak it. Now, this could have been done right after the pre-spray, and then we could even have agitated this end. It's not crucial. One of the things to the steam cleaning process itself, because we're first jetting water in, that will even help work that sanitizer and even a little bit deeper. But like I said, it could be done; the sanitizer could go down before the agitation or after, either way. And the important way the sanitizer works is it kills on contact. So it's not something that we leave on the carpet like a protector. This is something that we want to let it do its job and then to remove it from the carpet.