Cleaning Plastic Countertops

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In order to clean plastic countertops, use an all-purpose cleaner or grease-cutter solution. Use overlapping strokes when cleaning plastic, Formica or granite countertops with help from a residential home cleaner in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Sandy with The Maids Home Services. I wanted to talk to you about how to clean plastic kitchen counter tops. This is actually Formica. It's definitely going to be a granite or chorion counter top. It does look and feel plastic. You can definitely clean it with an all purpose or a grease cutter solution. This is a Fantastik Orange Action and it'll do just that. Just have some grease with dust and dirt on top of it, so what I would do is go on ahead and spray the buildup areas. I'm just going to moisten my cloth with the product. Take a scrubby and just kind of go over the areas, tending to the back splash. It gets dirty too. And just making some straight overlapping strokes working your way down. And I take my cloth and just wipe it off. Everything seemed to come out really good. Didn't need any additional scrubbing. The good thing about these Formica and plastic counter tops, they're very sturdy and you really just can't damage 'em. Can scrub 'em as much as you need and pre-treat as much as you need for your, for the counter tops to become clean. But that would be how you would clean a plastic kitchen counter top.