Kitchen Odor Removal

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Hello there. Today we're talking all about how to get odors out of your house. And the first place that I would like to start is the kitchen. Now, when you walk into the kitchen, I want you to do kind of a sniff test and find out where the odors are coming from. Nine times out of ten, they're going to be coming from your trash. Now, even though your trash might not be all the way full, there's still something in there that's stinky, so throw it out. It could be food or leftover something. Get rid of that trash if it smells at all. Once a month, wash down your trash can. I have a trash compactor. Same kind of thing. I wash it out once a month. Next, now if you cook some really delicious foods in your kitchen, sometimes it will leave like a residue that's not so delicious. So what you're going to want to do is you can get yourself an air sanitizing spray. There's lots of brands out there, but I'd go with the ones that say air sanitizing, because you don't want like flowers to mask an already weird smell. So find a spray. Or you can light a citrus candle and it gives it that kind of really yummy citrus-y smell and takes a little bit of punch out of the air. Next, what you want to do, get yourself a cotton ball and vanilla from the cupboard. What you're going to do with this is saturate the cotton ball and put it in a plate. It's going to absorb some of those odors and it's going to make everything smell nice and vanilla-y. Moving on to your refrigerator--now, you can put also the cotton ball and the vanilla in the refrigerator and absorb that odor, or, the old standard, baking soda. Just rip that open and put it in there and it absorbs all kinds of odors. Of course, you're probably going to have to clean your refrigerator out. And when you would do that, do that with a nice spray and clean everything down. Make sure there's no spills and stains. Get something that gets stains out and cleans some of the mildew and your fridge will start smelling better. These are all tips to help you get your kitchen smelling clean. And here's to having a clean, odorless home.