Tips on Keeping a Clean Room

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Keep a clean room by always hanging up clothes instead of putting them on the floor, making the bed every morning, hanging purses on door knobs and using baskets for books and magazines. Use a small vacuum to keep small messes from developing in a room... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to give you tips on keeping a clean room. First off the one thing that seems to accumulate and looks messy in bedrooms most often is clothes. Don't leave them winding around or just throw them anywhere. If it's clean, hang it up; if it's not, have a hamper and throw it in the hamper. Do that every single time you take off an article of clothing or change clothes. Girls are the worst about it 'cause we'll try on fifteen different things and never hang the stuff back in the closet. Please hang it back up. Your room will be clean and you will thank yourself for it, in the morning or the next time you walk into your room. Another great thing is keep your bed made. Some people don't make their bed. I know I wasn't never made; you know, my parents never made me make my bed; so I'm not as, you know, I'm not as concern about it. My husband has to have the bed made and he will make it every morning as soon as he wakes up, without a doubt. But he's been in the habit of it since he was like four years old. Purses; hang purses on door knobs. It's easiest way to put your purse somewhere and it looks neat. You know, it's off the floor; if something's off the floor, it looks a lot more tidy. These baskets are excellent for putting books, magazines, pens and pencils in, reading material and keep a duster like this on hand; that will really help also. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and those are tips on keeping a clean room.