How to Clean Kitchen & Bathroom Rugs

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When cleaning out kitchen and bathroom rugs, vacuum them first, wash them in cold water and dry only rugs without a rubber backing. Destroying rugs with improper washing and drying can be easily avoided with tips from a professional house cleaner and... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ann Myrick, and today I'm going to show you, how to clean kitchen and bathroom rugs. I have two different types of rugs here, one has rubber-plastic backing, and one is just natural, without any backing. The ones without the backing, you can dry without worrying about them, because there's nothing that the heat is going to hurt, with the backings with the plastic, you do have to be careful about how strong of a heat that you use on the plastic, because it will slowly start cracking and melting. But in both rugs, in putting them in the washer, what you want to do is, first, either vacuum, shake, or sweep, and I just do a good old shake, and get all the hair and extra dirt off your rug. Then on a cold cycle with the bright colored one, I would put it in cold, just because it helps it keep its color. On the white one, you can do it on a warm or hot. So I would not clean these rugs together. So putting the rugs in the washer, and if you have a full load, then you want to do a full water load, if you have just one or two rugs, then maybe a small load. But you want to do the colorful rug on cold, and you can do the white one on hot. Then once they come out, you can either shake them really well, and you can line dry them, you could put them over your shower rod, or you can put them in the dryer, but again, be careful on the ones with the rubber backing. Once they come out the dryer, you want to shake them and just start using them again. This is Ann Myrick, and that is how to clean kitchen and bathroom rugs.