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Hello everybody, I am Tanner Falcon on behalf of Tanner Falcon's professional window washing on behalf of Expert Today we are going to be talking about washing windows, I have been washing windows for many years now actually made a professional career out of it. I first started washing windows for a professional company and then went on my own. I have washed skylights, french windows, regular windows, you know windows 30 feet high and your regular reachable windows. Today I want to show you some of the basic tools I use and got started with. It is actually very simple you can go to your local Home Depot and get some real simple tools such as a foam squigee or even a brush and window soap. If you want to get the full cleaning benefit you want to go to or you can go to a janitor's outlet. One of your basic tools is your washer, this washer has a porcupine sleeve and a handle. This belt is more for ladder safety more than anything, not so much ground safety, and its a lot more convenient to have. You have your holster, and your baggy, you want to have a plastic gallon of water that is where your soap will go in to and you'll do all your mixing. For your water spots because alot of yard water will leave spots you want some water remover. You are definitely going to need a blade to get the gunk, you are gonna need the squiggee channel in various sizes, a mini-squiggee for the tight corners, blade refills and and of course the blade refill ends those are key to keeping the squigee tight and you want to get your handle. For the basic window washer you can use Dawn, you can put in water and shake it up. You want to use, OR Scrub Towels, which you can find exclusively at, or you can use an average terry cloth. For your highrise, or upper level windows you want to use a "standoff" right here, you want to use a throw towel for inside. For you not so reachable, mid-level windows you want to have a 6 foot ladder is always key. And of course, your carry cart so you can store safely so no one gets into it and last but not least, the Unger pill, this is the soap I swear by it is 100% biodegradeable. It is safe for animals, children and plants and furniture of course. Ok so let's get into some window washing, first I want to talk about my squiggee and then let's hit the ladders.