Requirements for Pet Sitters

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When choosing a pet sitter, make sure the person likes pets, leave a list of the animal's schedule, and provide a phone number for a veterinarian. Inform pet sitters about a pet's bathroom behaviors with help from a professional house cleaner in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to teach you about some requirements about pet sitters. First and foremost hopefully your pet is friendly like Louie here. Anybody could pet this dog. He is so friendly and he'll let anybody pet him, anybody walk him, he's a good boy. So, make sure your dog is going to get along with people. Make sure that they get to meet your puppy first or your cat. Make sure they like pets. I may even go over, ask a couple of their friends if they're good around pets or if they're just trying to make a buck. Make sure to leave a list of their animal schedule. A lot of times, I know with my pets they eat at the same time every morning and every night. They don't get free fed all day long. Make sure you have a phone number for their vet written out for your pet sitter. Make sure that you have you know, anything that may upset them, any allergies, if they're allowed to have people food or not, what time they usually go to the restroom. I know that most dog like to be walked right after they eat and that's when they're going to go potty. So make sure the pet sitter knows that. And make sure there's plenty of stuff for them to do. I mean their job is to babysit your pet so make sure there's toys for them to play with. They're not just sitting around on the phone with their boyfriend all day. Just like if it was you kid, you care about your pet or you wouldn't have hired a pet sitter in the first place. So, just make sure if you write everything down, make sure they know the routine, leave a vet phone number, list any allergies the pet may have, make sure your pet likes them. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and those are some requirements for pet sitters.