Removing Ice Cream from Carpet

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DAVID GREEN: We'll go ahead. Spray. Now, this is actually--you always would want to remove the excess residue before using your spot cleaners. And, in this case, we'll use a stair tool in it. Come on here. Let's get that hooked up. So we'll use a stair tool or a hand tool. It has the ability to extract and rinse a little bit faster, a little more aggressively. With even this much residue, you could use--even through your hose, of course--to remove excess residue. All right, so now we'll start rinsing this. At this point too, we could even apply some cleaning agent. Work some of this in there. Get that. Where is that? Gonna get it. Grab that. Start scrubbing that. Just because there's no brushes it won't over re-agitate and won't damage the fiber. Go ahead and start rinsing that.