How to Remove Chewing Gum From Carpeting

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To remove chewing gum from carpeting, rub ice over the gum to freeze it, shatter the solidified piece and lift up the excess with an all-purpose detergent. Freeze gum to get it out of carpet fibers with tips from a contractor's assistant in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hello, we're back and the next stain that we're going to want to remove from a carpet is going to be chewing gum. So, the best way to start out with this, is to take ice and to just rub it along the gum and try to freeze it. You don't want to rub it into the carpet but you just want to lightly change the temperature to a frozen solid. So once you've got the gum to a cold hard temperature, you can try to hit it with a knife and shatter it or if it's fairly new the change in temperature and solidifying it should loosen it from the fibers and it can come right up. Then you can just vacuum up the rest. If that doesn't work you can apply an all purpose liquid detergent cleaner which will dissolve the gum and allow you to break it down and then you can use a series of water blots to remove the rest of the gum from the carpet and that will remove the gum from the carpet fibers every single time. It beats peanut butter.