How to Clean Your LCD Monitor or Laptop Screen Using Household Products.

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Some household products that can be used to clean an LCD monitor or laptop screen include lint-free cloths, water and a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. Try cleaning a laptop screen with an old T-shirt with advice from the owner of a cleaning... View Video Transcript

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You've got a computer as most houses do these days. And you've got an LCD monitor or you might have a laptop screen. And you need to know how to get that clean. I'm Cyn Deer I'm with Three's Company Too so I'm going to show you ways to clean your laptop screen or your LCD monitor with household products. So the first thing you want to try and it's generally what's most recommended is get a lint free piece of cloth and you are just going to wipe down your screen and then if that doesn't work what you want to do is get a very soft piece of fabric, something that's been well washed. I highly recommend like an old t-shirt that you might be ready to cut up. Grab a piece of that and you are going to dip it in water, just a little bit of water just so, you don't want to drench your monitor you just want to clean it and get a little bit of liquid on here but just plain water. Wipe that down and then you would dry it with your towel because you do not want to leave any liquid on your screen. Another recommendation and I'm not going to do it but you could always use your isopropyl alcohol, fifty fifty with water and use that on your monitor to get it clean. So this was how to clean your LDC monitor or laptop screen with household products. I'm Cyn Deer and hopefully you have a great day.