How to Adjust a Vacuum Cleaner Head

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Hi. This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village talking to you about today about vacuums and vacuuming and all the things that go along with that. And now that we've talked about the types of vacuums, and the bags, and the no-bags, and on and on...what we want to do is actually show you when you actually turn on the vacuum, how you want to adjust a particular upright vacuum to fit the carpet that you are vacuuming. Whether you are vacuuming a shag pile carpet (that's a longer carpet), a medium grade carpet, or whether it's a commercial grade carpet (which is really, really flat and thin), there's a couple of things you want to look for and do when adjusting your upright. With this particular machine, what you are going to do when you turn the machine on...(of course this is going to be loud, so I'll explain it first)...when you turn the machine on, most uprights have an adjusting feature. On this particular one, you press it and it goes down and makes contact with the floor. You press behind it and it raises that head. So again, what we want to do is we want to depress this as many times until we actually hear the pitch of the motor change and then we want to go one more beyond that pitch change. That will be about the best proficiency setting for that vacuum. So, I'm going to go ahead and turn the vacuum on and we are going to drop it down until we hear the pitch of the motor change and then we are going to drop it down one more. You'll see what I mean when I turn it on and you'll hear that change. Ready? Here we go. And then one more and we can start vacuuming. So you heard the pitch of the motor change and then I went one more. Then, if you'll notice, before I shut it off, you want to raise that head back up to its highest setting because that is going to promote the life of the motor. If I was to shut it off while the head was in contact with the carpet at it's lowest setting, it just wears unnecessarily on the motor. And over the period of years and years, those little things add up and it's going to wear on the motor and cut down on the life of the motor.