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Cleaning the windows in your home is a chore, but can make a huge difference; learn about house cleaning in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Paige and on behalf of Expert Today we are talking about how to clean your house the most effective way. Right now we are going to discuss windows so by now you’ve done your ceilings and cleaned your walls and when you are doing your walls don’t forget to get your light panels as well because that is really important and you’ve dusted. Now it’s time to do the windows. Not only windows but I clean every surface with glass. If you have glass in furniture, your TV screen, your computer monitor, as long as it’s not LCD, windows, mirrors and everything is what I do next and I do it all in order. So what I like to use and is the most effective is Windex. Now basically it’s just an ammonia base but I find that Windex does the most effective job. The thing also that is extremely important when doing your windows and doing an effective job is to use newspaper. Don’t use a paper towel because if you use a paper towel you are going to leave little white fuzz balls all over your window which is not very fun so you want to use a newspaper. I actually just used the black and white section as well because sometimes the color from the newspaper can wear off onto the window. So I like to give it a good dousing, stand away, spray all of it I am going to clean and it can sit while I am cleaning and go to town getting every area as well. What’s great about the Windex is they are now making it a multi task cleaner so it is also a little bit light. Here I’ve got some dirt on my wood that I missed when I was cleaning my walls with my 409 and Lysol, so I am just going to simply spray my wood with my multi task Windex, use a little elbow grease and get the dirt off of this wood as well. Now I have a clean, fresh and beautiful window to look out of.