How to Convert to a Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Hi. This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village talking to you today about vacuuming. And what we want to talk to you about now is changing this upright vacuum into a canister vac. Canister vacs are most notably known for cleaning hardwood floors. You'll notice them by looking at them. They usually sit on the ground and look like a canister with a hose coming out of them. The hose is used for various attachments; dust brushes, crevice tools, stair tools, getting up into the corner so you can get cobwebs, so on and so forth. This particular upright does convert into a canister. Most of them do now days. With this particular one, what I want to show you is how to hook up the hose and how you can turn your upright into a canister vac. So, we are just going to take the head off. Like I say, upright vacuums are going to vary. Sometimes, depending on your brand, you are going to take the heads off or sometimes they have in the actual handle themselves an attachment where you might put the hose. So just depending on your type of vacuum, it's going to vary. So, with this one, we are actually going to disconnect the head that is used for the carpet and we are going to insert our hose. And our hose we have got rolled up here, so we are just going to unroll that and we are going to connect the head, securely fasten it, put the top back down and now we've got it as a canister vacuum. How about that? Quick and easy. So, when you are looking for your vacuum for the home, if you are going to go with an upright, make sure that it's an upright that has the attachments that can convert it into a canister vac by attaching a hose either into the handle of the machine or by disconnecting the head and doing it that way.