How to Pick Window Cleaning Belts

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Looking for free window cleaning tips for residential window washing? Learn how to pick window cleaning tool belts from an expert in this free house cleaning video. View Video Transcript

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Hello everybody, Tanner Falcon from Danny Tanners Window Washing on behalf of Right now I want to talk about your belt. Your belt is key to holding all of your tools I've shown you earlier. You can find any old belt like I have right here around the house. Or you can even use your own pant belt, whatever you want to use, whichever you don't care about, whatever is most comfortable. You can buy really nice, thick Etory belts at but I've been using this one for so long it just is what works for me. On your belt you're going to have various different kinds of tools. You're going to have your pouch and you holster and maybe another even little pouch. This is where I put my i-pod or if your listening to music or something like that during widow washing. Or if you need to put your cell phone there or any kind of different tool you might need, actually might think will fit in this little handy, multi-tool holster. Next, I'll be talking to you about these different tools actually that are on the belt. I'll tell you how key they are to actually being sturdy on your ladder so you're not reaching around all the time and take a chance of being unbalanced and falling off of your ladder. Make sure your belt does come tight, it clamps on and you can adjust it because you never know when you're going to need to make it looser, tighter, or even take it off while you're on the ladder, and place it there and climb down. Next, I'm going to be talking about my holster.