How to Happily Do Housework Without a Prescription

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Housework can be happily done without a prescription by first putting on music and starting in one area of the house with a simple task like stacking cups in the kitchen. Whistle and smile while cleaning a house with tips from a professional house... View Video Transcript

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Ann Myrick

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Hi. I'm Ann Myrick. Today I'm going to show you how to happily do house work without a prescription. First I would look at where you're going to be, what needs to be done and just in your mind get a little bit of an idea of what you're going to clean, what you need to do. Then whatever; if housework just come very difficult to you as far as doing it at all try to make it fun. I love putting on music. I love jazz. I love just all types of music. So, I'll just blare music and have it going and just go to down. So, whether it's putting on your iPod, your CD, just put on music or television with a movie in it; whatever gets you going. Then just start first; what you want to do is get the things; I'm in the kitchen right now and there is just a lot of things that don't even belong in the kitchen. So, what you want to first is; what I would do is just start putting cups in the sink. The things that don't belong in those spots just start moving them. I'm going to create a pile of if things need to go upstairs I'm going to either put it in the, a hamper a box just so I can carry it upstairs. But, first I'm going to just try to put everything away. Then after I put it away I will start with the cleaning. I will start going top to bottom. If I need to dust around the edges of the wall to the ceiling I will take my duster and clean that go down, wipe the walls off. Then I will clean my cabinets. Clean food off the counter tops. Then after everything has its place. The room looks tidy. Then I'll go in and whatever your floors are. Dust your floors, sweep your floors, mop your floors and get your floors clean. This is Ann Myrick. Have fun while you're doing your house work.