How to Pick Window Cleaning Soaps

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Hello everybody, Tanner Falcon here on behalf of Expert Right now I'm going to be talking about the soap that you use to get your windows clean. There's two different ways you can go about this whole situation. I used to use this stuff called LaToy Squeege-Off. I found it was too messy. It's similar to Dawn, which I'll be talking about in a second for the basic household window washer. But if you want to get your windows extra, extra clean, I swear by the Unger Pill. You can get this from any kind of janitor's surplus store. You have to order it from them or Windows 101. The pill is, well, what it is the pill. And this pill right here, you're supposed to dilute this with two gallons of water. So, what I like to do on my gallon of water here, is I like to break it in half. A little more won't hurt. So it looks more than half. Now, if you're in a hurry and you don't want to sit there and watch it come up like an Alka Seltzer tablet, kind of crush it up; start sprinkling it into your water. The pill is biodegradable -- safe for animals, safe for kids, safe for furniture and it's safe for plants, and it even smells goods. The best part about a pill is there's no suds. Don't be tricked if it doesn't look like it's real sudsy. Let this sit there for a little bit. We'll let that get blue. We'll move on over to the people who don't actually want to go out. You can just use your average household Dawn. This is just as good, but it's sudsier and you have more of a chance of leaving streaks. Two drops. Give it a shake. Of course, suds, but it will get all the grease and all the dirt off you need, just as much as this will. As you can see, now this is turning blue. Give it a little shake. But no suds, I mean, you're gonna have the top suds, but there's literally no suds. This is the way to go, but if you need to, there's the Dawn.