Pet Odor Removal

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Pets are the source of many bad odors and smells. Learn how to neutralize, remove, and eliminate odors in this free housekeeping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi there, today we are talking all about how to get rid of odors in your home. The next odor I would like to tackle is pet odor. Now, I have 2 kitties and I am big pet lover and I'm sure all of you out there have kitties and doggies and ferrets and birds and we love our pets, but sometimes they create kind of odors, so here are some ideas that I've come up with for you battle that odor. #1 if you have indoor cats that use the litter box, is make sure the litter box is clean. Now I clean mine daily. I know that seems excessive, but I actually have one of those litter mates that do the cleaning itself. I just make sure that there's no funky things that have fallen out and everything in there is clean. It's also my cats thank me too that there?s nothing funky in the litter box, but just go in and give it a little check daily. If I have to, I will use my air sanitizer spray. What that does is it kills the germs don't just spray something you know that doesn't have air sanitizer in it get that and it will kill the germs in the litter box. Make sure everything is clean and your kitty cats will thank you. Next if you have a couple accidents not a big deal, go ahead and clean them up and get yourself a stain and odor remover. I got this from the pet store and it's great. Now it does say that you might have to wait a few hours and spray it on and wait before you vacuum, but in that time at least it gets rid of the odors and it can save that odor from getting out into the rest of the house. Also, if they throw up or if they have hair balls, same thing, I do the same thing just clean it up as soon as I can and then they won't have the odor. Next is the odor neutralizer. There is an odor deodorizer out there, again something that you can get at a pet store, and it is great. It totally takes it out now I try and vacuum right after I use any of my deodorizers for any of the things that pick up waiting a bit for this one to saturate so that way all the orders can come out. The worst thing is when you wait too long cause then the stains sets and the odor sets in there. If you have a cat that or a dog that spraying what you want to do is well hopefully get they spayed or neutered but if they continue to spray, spray on this odor neutralizer this has been a great little find again I got it at the pet store this will take away that odor and also your animal won't go back and spray in that section again because they can't smell their own spray so its really important to kind of detrain them from spraying in the same place. So there you have a few ideas to keep you home free of pet odors.