Selling Carpet Cleaning Services

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DAVID GREEN: David Green with As far as back on as we we're talking about with the in-home inspection and working with the customer, we'll now talk about the product side of that. We break it down into--I mean there are different types of products and services; the main three we like to cover with everybody unless they have a specific issue that comes up and questions that we previously asked. We normally limit to these three products. We start out with our number one recommendation which we have privately labeled our own spot cleaner. And with the purchase of this, we provide free refills to the customer any time they have us come back for a future service as well as we list all of our services, our main services on there, with 10% off other future services. So this is also kind of like buying a discount card in the form of a bottle. We found that people who use this love this, just makes them love our service even more, as well as the benefits of the free refills and the discount. And with this, this is really, aside from vacuuming the carpet, the best way to maintain the carpet, spots or spills, to clean those up, to keep the carpet looking good, and this will really remove pretty much all normal stains and spills. You know, there are some few that can require some type of special chemistry; that's where they would definitely need a professional to provide that service. We then also provide carpet protector. The protector is meant to make the carpet more soil and stain resistant so it will stay cleaner, longer, and clean up better. Last, we offer sanitizer to take the cleaning to another level of--like I've said to people before that cleaning does make the carpet more sanitary but it's not sanitized, just the same as a hand sanitizer before holding a baby, kills 99.99% of all germs, bacteria, disease, and other related things the same way that this works. So it's just taking it to another level of greater sanitization, which we like to recommend especially when people have occupant changes or people that have small kids crawling on the carpet or people that wear shoes in the home and so, where it's more excessively unsanitary due to those things. That's pretty much it for the products.