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DAVID GREEN: Hi, my name is David Green with We're going to briefly talk about chemical preparation. Once you know what type of work you're going to be doing on the home or any specialty products that are needed, you want to make sure that you have the things properly mixed. A lot of chemicals are going to require dilution and it's important to know your proper measurements, as well as sometimes using the right math to get the proper mixture. Every product is going to be a little bit different. For example, this one is a pre-spray that we use. And we use inline sprayers to apply most of our cleaning agents or most of our products. And this is what an inline jug looks like, and a proper inline sprayer would connect to this and then dilute this cleaning product, or whichever product, in a 8:1 dilution ratio, meaning that 8 parts water to 1 part of this product. But as well as what we put in here is more concentrated so we first have to find the right dilution and then add water to this, and then dilute it again. And as this one says, some are more simple, some you have to figure out a new breakdown based on if it's just saying at a 10:1 ratio or you have to do some math. This one is a little more simple, as it would say, let's see, Hydro-Force, which is an inline sprayer. Hydro-Force is a brand, most popular brand. It's 18 ounces of this product mixed in here and then you fill a gallon with the water. So every product is going to be different and you just have to be ready to use the correct math and the correct dilution, and you want to make sure you have it right to have the right effectiveness. Protectors, for example. Protectors need to be diluted. It can make the difference of it being effective or not at all, and to the point where you might as well pour water on the carpet. Cleaning products as well as far as the effectiveness of it, properly cleaning and removing as much soil and contaminants from the carpet.