How to Really Clean Your Bathtub & Surrounding Area

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Cleaning a bathtub and surrounding bathroom areas starts with choosing the right cleanser, removing all debris, like hair, from bathroom areas and removing all items from within the bathroom. Get a bathroom spotless with advice from a professional house... View Video Transcript

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First thing you want to do is pick the right type of cleanser to go to the right type of surround. Your surround around the bathtub maybe tile, maybe granite, it may be concrete or it could be just normal fiberglass from the bathtub. So you want to be sure whatever you are working with you pick out the correct product. I am just, I really like when I work on surround, I like using a liquid a clear liquid instead of paste because it's just easier to wash away. So I, what I am going to do is just take a 409 or a Fantastic product and I am just going to really spray. You want to spray it, there's a lot of little ledges and cracks right here that collect a lot of dirt so I'm going to spray and then I'm going to take my sponge and just go around and give it a really good soaping. Now you, when you do this you might want to, well you will want to start off , especially if you have a lot of girls who, you have, you end up having a lot of hair in your bathtub. You'll want to take all the hair with a paper towel, just get all the hair away first before you start rinsing and it goes into the drain and clogs. So first clean the hair off and then start soaping up. And then you want to work with your handles and your faucet and if you need those hard to get areas you can also use just an old toothbrush, soft. And go around, also you want to remember if you have things on your bathtub like soaps and plants and things. You want to take everything off and you probably should do this before you begin. Because a lot of times the residue from the bottles will drip down. Sometimes they'll mildew if they've been sitting for a long time. So once you've done that then with a hand squirt or with a bucket, you are just going to go back and really wash well. And you might want to rinse several times to be sure that you get the soap off. This is Ann Myrick and that is how you clean around your bathtub, the surround and the ledges.